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Posted on 2013.08.27 at 13:31
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Things are going really well.

I am pretty excited for tomorrow.

Posted on 2013.08.06 at 22:33
Current Mood: excitedexcited
It's all alright,

real alright.

Posted on 2013.04.30 at 22:44
Current Mood: chill
been trying to meet you
must be a devil between us
or whores in my head
whores at my door
whores in my bed
but hey
where have you been
if you go i will surely die
we're chained


Yeh, I have a

Posted on 2013.04.30 at 13:50
new screen name: AbstractDemeanor

Pretty much true.

Posted on 2013.04.28 at 01:41
Your Inner Color is Purple

Your Personality: You're a dreamer and visionary. You believe you were put on this earth to do something great.

You in Love: You're very passionate but often too busy for love. You need a partner who sees your vision and adopts it as their own.

Your Career: You need a job that helps you make a difference. You have a bright future as a guru, politician, teacher, or musician.
What's Your Inner Color?


Posted on 2013.03.31 at 20:30
Does anyone know of any receptionist/secretary positions that are open in Lakeland?
[and that pay a reasonable amount]



Posted on 2013.02.06 at 12:26
This month is full of so many celebrations.

Makes me think of how much I really truely love Jennifer.

I'll make this short since I'm on the phone with my beautiful girl, (and she just made it to Emily's) but everyday now I appreciate her more and more. And I know she loves me too.


This pretty much sums it up

Posted on 2013.01.07 at 22:26
School is for faggots.

Let's all just drop out and suck at life.


As the days go on I am beginning to realize how much I really don't care about "making something of myself" or getting a "proper education".

I am going to resort to eating ramon noodles and drinking Sam's Choice soda the rest of my life while living in some crappy apartment far away from here. The Dollar General up the road will be my best friend. :]

Ahh, the sweeet life.

It's raining bags of shit.

Posted on 2012.12.31 at 03:34
Current Mood: confusedconfused
You know your lame when you find yourself on myspace and livejournal at 3:30 in the morning.



Posted on 2012.12.19 at 22:37
Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me.

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